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Effortless Language Acquisition

Effortless Language Acquisition

Speak to a Native gives non Native speakers a unique opportunity to speak freely with native English speakers from around the world. Unlike other learning programs, we focus on pronunciation and fluency. Our philosophy is based on natural language acquisition systems following the De Bruyns Method. When children learn a language they do not learn grammar or how to speak correctly. Rather, they simply listen to people speak, understand what is being said based on the context and then they mimic it. Speak to a Native provides a safe environment for people to freely interact, speak, listen and find interesting things that they want to talk about. It is a platform that offers a student-centred learning approach where language is acquired seamlessly and almost effortlessly- as it should be. Your tutors on our platform are young, vibrant, personable and friendly. The lessons are semi-structured to meet definite learning objectives but flexible enough for students to branch off into topics that they would like to discuss. Each course is tailor made to suite your needs, aspirations, desires and goals. We also grant you access to structured language lessons that are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The structured language courses are freely available to anyone who signs up with any of our programs and are completely optional. We don’t track you, monitor you, try to persuade you to finish them or any such thing. At Speak to a Native, we don’t study new languages, we acquire them.